surplus Trannie


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-04-03 7:15 pm
Rotherham, England
Hi folks

Whilst sorting through a load of bits and bobs, I found an old ILP toroidal trannie. It measures out as 62-0-62 rectified but unloaded, I guess it would be about 55-0-55 loaded, and from the size I would guess it's about 300va. Anyone any ideas for what I could use this for, ( apart from a paperweight :) )?


2002-01-31 5:48 pm
With less load it would go to say 60 V. That would make a nice Aleph P transformer without regulation but lots of C. A BoSoZ would also be an option for dual 60 V rails without regulators but maybe a CRC PSU.

At that voltage also it would probably be a good PS for the Leach amp (+/- 58 V).

If using the windings in parallell then a Zen V4 pushing the limit of the transformer (or lowering bias according to article) would be within reach I think. Slightly higher regulation losses though.