Sure Electronics TK2050 2 x 100W Power Supply

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I am planning to use multiple Sure Electronics TK2050 2 x 100W boards each connected to an apple airport express and a set of speakers to create a multi room audio system. I am currently running a board off an old printer power supply as a test system but want to buy a more long term solution.

I have seen users that have used a "laptop" power supply such as the one here 12V 0-3A DC Power Adapter 5-2.1mm Plug/AC 110V/AC 220V_Plastic Power Adapter_Boxed Industrial Power Adapter and Chargers and Transformers_Measure Power Adapters_Sure Electronics' Webstore but have also read that the Meanwell power supplies are really good. There is a difference in cost $13 vs $45 upwards.

Most of the time the boards will be powering background music. Therefore, what power supply should I get, the speakers will be max 100W, probably going to go with some 65W ones. I am also not an expert on sound. What power supply must I buy so that the system will work correctly? Also, how many boards can one power supply handle or should I only use one power supply per board?
Max 100W @ 4 ohm, or 50W @ 8 ohm, with a 32V power supply, IIRC.

If you want 100W into each speaker then you'll need a power supply capable of supplying that 100W per speaker, so 1 board 2x100W speakers 200W power supply, 2 boards 400W power supply and etc. And the voltage needs to be 32V; any lower and you won't get the 100W per speaker.
I recently made up a 2X100W using a 12-24v DC-DC laptop PSU. It claims it can put out 5A at 24v.

Sure Electronics 2x100W + DigiTech 12-24v DC-DC inverter (laptop PSU)


Well obviously a 24V 5A power supply won't be enough for 2 x 100W sustained output as it's only able to output 120W with real music it should be ok though.

However, it will only output 100W @ 24V if the impedance of the speakers is 3 Ohms or less, and even then it's at 10% distortion. The speakers has to be 2 Ohms or less for the amp to output 100W @ 0.1% or less distortion.
I'm using it with 4ohm 60W 90db speakers, seems to be a fairly good match.

Yeah, that's pretty much perfect. The amp will output max 60W into 4 Ohms per channel with 24V, and the PS is able to output max 120W totals.

What I don't get is how most people think that a Sure board will output 2 (or 4) x 100W on a 12V battery. It won't ever do that as short circuit protection will kick in before the impedance gets low enough for that (0.56 Ohms total including cable resistance)
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