Supro Golden Holiday Schematic Needed


2010-06-30 5:46 pm
Anybody happen to have a schematic for the Supro Golden Holiday? And/or maybe some gut pics? Perhaps there is different schematic you can recommend to go by if the actual Golden Holiday Schem isn't available? There's been a ton of sloppy work done to my friends amp and he wants it restored to original specs. Lots of parts have been changed and it has been re-capped prior to coming to me but it has a loud hum and has that fuzzface/under filtered sound. Tubes are good. None of the resistor and cap values in the power supply match any schematics I can find so they could be wrong. Thanks for your time!


2012-04-27 2:06 am
Sounds like you may have a "transitional" Tremotone model 1224. The Tremotone had two well known variants, early with metal preamp tubes and later with glass miniature preamp tubes. I have one with the metal preamp tubes and yours sounds the same except my 6SC7 was replaced with the 12AX7 in your amp (both tubes are dual triodes). I know the thread is old but if you still have a need, I can help you out.