supreme least muddiness midrange/bass enclosure

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Alright, I have been playing music my whole life, but have never had or even heard a top of the line system. What i would like is something that can handle mids and highs with as close to no muddiness as possible. I don't even know if muddiness is the right word for what i am describing. Like for example, if you have a synth or keyboard and you press and hold several notes from different octaves, the sound gets distorted and fuzzy(not the good kind!). I'm guessing this would be from odd or even harmonics clashing or something like that.
I have been studying constantly for the last year or so, and there are so many different opinions, that i am now lost! I would like to start building something asap. I am looking to spend no more than a $3000, but would prefer less. I am also going to build some subwoofers, but i have some alright NHT 1259's in a box that my friend built ages ago, so that will do for now.
I'm going for as much detail and warmth as possible, that can handle and maintain a decent SQL. Oh yeah, i play experimental acid jazz, so i need speakers that can handle many different varieties of sound frequencies simultaneously without skipping a beat. I hope these expectations aren't unfeasible. Any help will be greatly rewarded!!! :smash: :smash:
Musical equipment studio speakers, for mainly old analog synths and sequencers. So mainly for studio performance. I want to have as many different speakers as i can, so i cover every possible frequency. In stead of having a wide band coming from one driver, wouldn't it sound better to fine tune each driver, and dedicate each driver to a smaller frequency band? I looking into line arrays, but was wondering how several different smaller arrays placed around the room would do. Kind of like at some concerts, where they have them spread all over. I want to have as quality and loudness as a top notch concert, since i will be touring soon, and would like the same effect in my studio. Sorry to make this more confusing. Like i said, i am looking in every direction and can't decide right now. Thanks for the links earlier, but i have been searching for over a year now, and have searched every single website,company,or forum looking for my sound system. I guess that is why i am currently baffled......
I haven't done MI speakers other than stick a driver in a box for bass guitar practice, but I'll offer this commentary:

It sounds like you mean what most refer to as a driver when you say speaker - I think that you are saying you want a 4 or 5 way speaker system. In PA systems you often see that because they often use horns with limited bandwidth.

As a practical matter it is difficult to integrate that many drivers into a coherent system without experience and proper measurement tools. For a first project, you ought to consider sticking with a two way unless you're copying an existing design.

Line arrays have their fans. I'm not one, but haven't heard a decent one in a home setting. I'd suggest a two way 12" and a good horn/compression driver for starters. Hopefully someone better versed in MI speaker design can help out.

You might be able to use home type speakers for your studio - just use a little common sense with the volume.

Another thought on muddiness is your room. You don't mention size shape or treatment. My system sounds a lot cleaner with early reflections diffused and some extra damping in spots on the walls.

A budget would be helpful, too. The advice you'll get will be a lot different if you have $200 to spend than if you have $2,000.

BTW, you don't want concert sound pressures in your studio if you want to be able to hear later in life. :cannotbe:
Hi elves1111,

If you are loooking for sound quality that can be used in the home and on stage.

I think the 4 - Pi speaker with the JBL 2226H and B&C DE250 compression tweeter would easily fullfil your needs.
You can purchase these speakers in kit, or completed form.

It would not hurt to ask questions at the Pi Speaker forum.
I know Wayne Parham will help you in any way that he can.

Check it out:

Good luck

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