Supravox bass drivers a good match for front horns?

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Supravox mid bass drivers a good match for front horns?

400-2000 SUPRAVOX

Call me mad, thinking of using a jordan jxr6 in a tractrix horn (300-400 hz) and matching to one of these. The supravox wd fire upwards (omni) and the horn wd be placed above... not sure if this has been tried before or if its a good idea, but I am thinking it might help with phase alignment.
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cheers dude. will look at those now. What attracted me to those french units was the very low Fs - the 120 w handling is adequate.
I also saw a v cheap Eminence unit on Parts express which looks ok, bass into the mid 30`s

The main question is, will a front horn treble/mid married to an omnidirectional mid/bass work?
Yes, low resonance is not common in the pro world. I think Beyma also had sub-30 Hz drivers but are no longer produced.
300 Hz bass is still omnidirectional anyway with a 15" driver, orientation doesn't matter so much.
What are you going to use as a tweeter? What would you think about a Stage Accompany with horn? Are you going active?
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Bill poster;2321258 The main question is said:
omnidirectional mid/bass


Your goal was using horn loaded fullrange, right ?

means lowish xo point, I guess

If so, you might have a good chance

but a lot depends on your xo work

there was a member lately, showing a fullrange in Le´Cleach horn with dipole like open back
I dont know, but to combine dipole top with omni woofer I could imagine phase issues between woofer and back of dipole top

But with closed back top/horn I dont see any issues

I have a woofer placed on its magnet, directly on the floor
no box, no nothing
Im not sure what really happens, but it works well
other than it jumps and rattles when loud :D

people look very amazed when they hear it :rolleyes: and even more when they look at it :p
Looked at the Great Plains site at their Altec clone- the Supravox still has the edge on specs. Looks like this or a pro 15" is the only way to go but wd be nice to find a 12" with a good power rating, decent bass/low fs and 95 plus DB...still looking!

Yeah tinitus, hoping the little jordans wd work - they are around 86 db so I don`t know what output they wd be horn loaded..
Is sound really non directional below 300 hz? :confused:
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If yu seriously consider using a BIG woofer in omni, you will need one with a relatively light cone, and very stiff suspencion

and you end with no or little lows

you may find a nice woofer in the 18" FH series from Faital
put in a nice 200liter box, closed or BR

Or why not a PrecisionDevices, handbuilt by your own country men
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yeah, it will hang a bit, year by year

well, one thing might speak for it
its known that a cone/voice coil is slightly stronger on forward move, than inwards
playing upwards might compensate a bit
but random, and uncertain

I am playing with woofers playing upwards, sure
but just for fun, with cheap woofers I had
and I needed something very urgently

all I can say is, it works
but I wouldnt dream of doing it for real, using expencive drivers in such a crude way

but hey, buy a couple of cheap Eminence or other, and try it out first, before investing big
and couple the magnets to the floor, through something heavy

probably just a stupid idea
but you could try to mount the woofer on top of a concrete sewer drain tube
secure the magnet assembly to the sewer tube, and the rest totally free air
suspension compliance for 15" in mm\N approximately equal Vas in m^3 (miraculous math :D)
e.g. for Mmd=66g and Vas=333l displacement (immediatly) will be about 0.2 mm. not very scary..(?)
who knows manufacturer tolerance in voice coil longitudinal positioning? :)
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