supravox 4th order band pass


2006-08-01 12:24 pm

I want to build a sub based on the 12' supravox 285 gmf (Fs: 47 hz, VAS : 150 l, Qts : 0,39)

i can not change the driver because i already own it

this sub is a 4th order band pass load which is good from 40 to 150 hz (200hz in the commercial version and on the graph (with an equalizer perhaps)

the pics :

(i do not insert the pdf file because i do not know if i have the right to dot it, trademarks...)

this sub is about 100 liters (70 l behind and 24 l in front)

if I respect this volume, can i change the shape :

this is approximatively a cube, and i want a rectangle (72cm tall)
the speaker will be then placed horizontally

the port will be the same but at the top of the sub

I heard that for a sub, shape does not matter (because of the size of the wave)
is it still true for a 4th order bnd pass

Thanks for your answers

If somebody has some experience with a supravox 285 GMF of a reasonable size in bass reflex , i would be glad to hear his advices

thanks in advance for your plethorics answers :)


2008-04-08 10:38 am
Cal Weldon said:
Hi Cantal,

This is an English speaking forum. If you wish to post in another language, please also post the English translation.

Thank you.

So, that's a english translation for you overseas :

" The shape of a baffle does'not matter in a bass-reflex design.

Avoid stoves pipes, organ pipes, long and narrows ports."

I speak french with a french fella. I speak horse with my horse, not english.

One provocation : are irakis willing to speak anglo-american lingua franca?