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Supravox 285 special version


2005-02-01 6:03 pm
Dear friends,
This is my offer:


Pair of rare and beautiful large-woofers Banda Supravox 285GMF with a huge and powerful Neodymium magnets shielded. Used little and good produce a great extent on low combined with a unique damping. great linearity up to 5000hz. Use a dipole or very large volumes. Built on custom order. High impedance Re = 8.4 ohm absolutely equal for both mobile, low moving mass, high efficiency, 40 Hz resonance. In this release are unique and speakers. Ideal for a small amp valves, can be used up to 150Watt. Shipping-dependent destination, but will be modest due to the weight of neodymium surprisingly light. The packaging is the original Supravox.

Thank you for your interest
best regards

:D :D