Supravox 215 Signature Bicone


I have listened to the Supravox 215 Signature Bicono with an Aleph 3 DIY very well built. I like enough the sound and be impressed.

I am thinking of this speaker to mount it in a plane panel according to their maker, to listen to them with my Ongaku 211 DIY, but before making the purchase I would thank their opinions.

You find the picture of my resonating baffles in the Ciare 250 thread. The material for the front is polymer concrete, but I would use sandstone the next time (much more beautiful and even better). Side walls are 6mm poplar with five layers of hard laquer inside and outside. You pictures of the Rondo at, also some other very interesting baffle construktions ("Bauvorschläge...").
Have you also heard the Ciare CH250? And how do they compare?