Supplying multiple power amplifier (op amps)


2013-02-28 10:03 pm
This may seem like a stupid question but here goes..
Im currently building a circuit at the moment which requires multiple power amplifier outputs with op amps. My actual problem comes to supplying these op amps. Say there are 2x14watt amplifiers does that mean more power is needed to supply these as oppose to if i just had 1x14 watt amplifier circuit... Sorry if this question disgusts you haha, jus' trying to learn :eek:
Well it can also depend on what you are trying to achieve. If these amplifiers are not expected to be able to achieve full power at the same time then the power supply might be made smaller. For example, if you had big bass peaks on some channels, but other channels were for tweeters or smaller surround speakers, then it's unlikely the power supply will be expected to deliver full power into all amplifiers at the same time.