supply power problem

I recently purchased a CD player (Audiolab8200CD OLED) from the UK. The Box it came in says 220V 50/60HZ. I live in US where power is 120V 60HZ. On the back of player it says 220V 50HZ unlike the box it came in. The voltage is not an issue as I could use transformer or run dedicated circuit but I'm not sure if the HZ is ok, being that it has the 50/60 HZ right on box but not unit. Has anyone run into this issue and if so any suggestions would be much appreciated as I will have to sell unit a considerable loss. Thanks Kind Regards. Jeff
Power supply issue

Thanks you all so much for all your help and quick responses! I for some reason had it in my head that the CD player would turn faster going to 60 HZ. But this is not my field as I am sure you can tell. Putting sound system together and this was last piece. Have a pair of Nola contenders I cant wait to here! Thanks again. Kind Regards, Jeff