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Supply low-cost DIY magnets

Over 1000+ sizes of neodymium magnets for sale, custom rare earth magnets for over 10 shapes. Meet your DIY needs
We are able to offer design and manufacturing services to our customers and have full CAD facilities and technicians on-site who are able to offer bespoke solutions for the most technical of applications.We genuinely care about our customers and we will do all we can to provide the best experience.

We have been fascinated by magnets our entire lives, just like most folks. The mysterious invisible force is just truly mesmerizing.

We are constantly inventing (or trying to invent) new contraptions and new uses for our powerful neodymium magnets. If you run into us on the street, there is almost a 100% chance that we will have magnets with us to entertain ourselves and others (unless we have already given them away that day, which often happens).
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