Supertex MOSFETs anyone?

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I found some Supertex MOSFETs in my parts bin today and I'm feeling like playing around (the wife's out of town for the weekend - hmmm I guess that could go either way :) ). Since it looks like data sheets for these parts are somewhat scarce (these are at least years old, maybe more) at the Supetex site (they don't even list ANY TO-220 package parts anymore), I'm curious if any of you have used any of these in preamp level gain stages in stead of the IR or Harris parts. Some of the part numbers I have are VN1210, VP1210, VN1208, VN1206, and a number of others. I've got both P and N channel.

I think I remember seeing these devices in schematics from Acoustat (in their TransNova amps before they became part of Hafler) and ARC (in some solid state power amps they produced some years ago - model D130 maybe?).

Ring any bells for anybody?
Thanks Harry:
I have a number of the following in TO-220 package:
VN1220N5, VP1220N5, VN1120N5, VN1210N5
It seems I (or my wife sneaked down here again!) threw out my old Supertex databook. My 1996 book doesn't have these parts or any cross-reference to them. My usually trustworthy Google search turned up empty.

I'm thinking about prototyping some gain stages (diff amps, cascodes -folded and otherwise :) )with them instead of the IR parts since I have these Supertex pieces in hand.

Headphone amp with Supertex

I designed a headphone amp with TO-39 P and N Supertex mosfets. The fets were very good because of the very low capacitancies. Now I have made a remake of the old amp with modern components. See my "monster overkill headphone amp" as I call it.

You can read at my homepage that I have misplaced the prototype but recently I have found it!
Thanks for your info. My databook was the first place I looked. The web site was second. Data for these devices was not on the web site :( Google and Yahoo were 3rd and 4th. I got no hits. At this point, I knew I was in trouble :) .
Is there a way you can scan these data sheets an put them on a web site? Hopefully, they have pin out info as well.
Thanks so much!

I was attracted to these by looking at the schematics of the Acoustat TransNova amps (before Hafler took them over) and the schematics for the D200 and D400 from the tube amp folks AR. As I recall, they had lower capacitance and higher transconductance at the current levels used in audio preamp and power amp driver stage circuits. I got a bunch of devices years ago and just recently found them.

peranders said:
I have datasheets!
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