Super Sanken Final Stage "Tauro"

my last project is an hybrid with 2SA1215 and 2SC2922
drived from a copule of comlementary hexfets IRFP240/9240
(after evaluation will be IRFD110 & C)

the output is with big capacitors (20.000uF) just to leave DC
(this balanced solution don't create emphasys on music)

in this particular design i have put two bipolar devices instead
single one (in AB bias) because need Class A sound without bridge

there is an "auto-biasing" between a copule of complementary
transistor in this configuration, so need just a resistor base to base


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Tripolar PNPN configuration

I don't know if works
is a project until this WE

this double bipolar ( renamed Tripolar ) is a PNP+NPN
with common collector

so is like a self-biasing device
that works (may be) in phase
as a variable resistor ( signal modulate value )

input satage with common source
split phase in two opposite rail
without feedback and mirror



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2005-03-10 11:57 pm
Re: seriously save yourself

darkfenriz said:
Great logo!
It's high time for a group buy :)

save yourself time and fatigue, it won't work

Stee said:
in any forum there is someone that say however the same

Have you floated this idea on other forums??


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