Sunvalley SV-S1616D [300B]

Sunvalley SV-S1616D [300B] point to point 300B amp + Hashimoto H-20-3.5U ----> available NOW....

Price $1,975

COSSOR/LINLAI Black Plate $225

Driver tubes
ECC81/12AT7 X 1

CV4024/12AT7 Brimar $80
CV4024/12AT7 Mullard, $80
Valvo ECC81 $80
ECC81/12AT7 Telefunken $145

ECC82/12AU7 X 2
6067/12AU7 Brimar $80 X 2
12AU7 Brimar $80 X 2
12AU7 Valvo $80 x 2
ECC82 Telefunken $275 X 2

Coupling Caps
0.1 X 2
0.22 X 2
AUDIO Note Copper $275
WBT 805 Silver Solder 42G $45

This kit allows you to select between 300B or KT88/120/150/170 tube set.
KT conversion KIT $245.00

The voltage amplification section, power amplification section, and filament DC rectifier section (300B specifications only) are sub-chassis (units only). DIYER being able to make each unit individually.

Also, this kit is quipped with a US 8-pin specification "diode module" (solid state rectifier). You can use rectifier tube (5AR4) instead.

It is also a big feature of this amplifier that you can enjoy solid state rectifier or tube rectifier.

(recommended option)
Coupling Cap V-CAP CuTF or ODAM
0.1uF (2 pcs required)
0.22uF (2 pcs required)

(Specification changes after production)
This kit can be changed to another vacuum tube specification (example: 300B → KT88) . The contents and prices of the necessary parts are described in the assembly manual.

(About sound quality tendency) The sound quality
of 300B in SV-S1616D is an image of "delicate and abundant". Please enjoy the unique charm of 300B.

(Assembly difficulty)
★★★ ☆☆

Tube Set
12AT7 X 1, 12AU7 X 2 + 300B X 2
Option : 5AR4




Please stay tuned
Youtube - SV1617D
Sunvalley「SV-S1616D EL34」Assembly Video - YouTube
SV-S1616D can configure as 300B, EL34, and KT120
I will offer 300B as the basic model. I300B ---> KT88 conversion is available.

UPGrdae Options
VCAP CuTF /ODAM 0.1 X 2 , 0.22 X 2
Hashimoto H-20-3.5U OPT Western Electric WE300B

Another amazing amp from Sunvalley

300B configuration

Pentode tube (KT150/120/88/EL34/6L6GC configuration

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I wonder how it compares to 8600? This has more potential in swapping out parts and not worrying about eyelet size and losing traces due to overheating. Only caveat is that it’s about 75% width of 8600 IF it is using same chassis as their phono preamp. Great for space but harder to work in for clumsy big hands. Swapping out caps will be breeze, just unscrew bottom plate again IF it’s same chassis as phono preamp. It also appears to be much easier to assemble than their phono preamp. Looks like they using ground this time? Hard to make out.

Now of course the 2nd part.....sonically how does it compare to 8600 and will Stereophile review it favorably?

Watching this with keen interest.
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I read somewhere that you can convert this to kt88? I would not do that since I have other 6550/kt88 tube amps but for some it might be a great option. Not sure what resistors or even if transformers will need to be swapped. Maybe the factory offers the option but ships you parts based on your selection?

Either way if it’s fixed 300B thanks for giving us another option Victor. I can see where cap upgrades go and doesn’t seem to be too tight, values are not too high so size shouldn’t be issue. Pot upgrade? Looks like not much space behind it and terminal strip.
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Victor, if this anywhere near as good as 8600 you best have a lot stock of this, I have a feeling it’s going to sell big time. Please put me on the waiting list, pending price.

Also do you have watts per various tube sets? All I need is about 3 or 4 watts with my Zu speakers with 300B.
yes... All assembed EQ1616D are built by Sunvalley in Japan
VCAP ODAM is the standeard upgrade for the assembled verion.

The assembled EQ1616D from April production were sold out.
If you want assembled version from July production, you can reserve now

$1475 with 2 VCAP ODAM. Sunvalley charges $100 more thannthe April production
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This looks very interesting. Any guesses on the difficulty of the build? (I have no experience with point-to-point construction. )

Also, does this amp auto bias?

I'll be following this with interest.

Based on my experience building the phono, it looks like this amp has about 1/2 the number of connections and components compared to the EQ1616 and the case is bigger (more space) so maybe not overly challenging but don't expect to complete this overnight if it's a first P2P build. I can't tell for sure but it doesn't look like there are too many joints with many connections (5+) but follow the instructions particularly where the joint is (if I recall correctly) orange (don't solder yet) or blue (solder) or something like that.

Victor, does is the pot already a TKD or is there going to be a TKD pot upgrade as well?

It looks like it's only got 1 set of SE inputs but you could possibly 'add' another set and run a selector switch at the back or run one to the front ...