Sunny Hastings - but not right at the mo'


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2016-03-03 9:46 pm
Hastings, UK
Obvious that I am new to this by virtue of posting in this section. I'm of the age and stage that I should probably go out and get a mistress but twiddling with hifi will probably be cheaper, though may lead to as many arguments.

Over the years I have been gifted or bought cheap various bits of kit but have only just realised some of the bits are gems and with some attention could be worth hanging on to. A couple of CDPs literally came off the back of a truck! The sadly missed Steve's Hifi was just around the corner from me in Hastings. I walked past his shop most everyday and had enough of a relationship with him to say "hi" in the street and he used to walk past my place to get to his shop each day. Except for the idiots that left the taps on in the apartment above his store he would still be there. The water released by the vandals ran through the floor boards and his entire stock was written off - they destroyed his livelihood and I think part of his soul as well. I happened to be walking past as the whole stock was being loaded to the back of a truck to go who knows where and Steve was kind enough to sling me a couple of separates and a pair of Kef speakers. He was hesitant to give more because even then he was very concerned that he was not able to guarantee the quality of gear. Because of him, years later I hunted down an excellent pair of KEF 104ab like the ones I enjoyed when he used them as his demo set in the store.

As I wrote I am just getting starting and have spent a lot of time reading these and other forums as a lurker. I don't think I will ever have much to contribute but rather will be one of the ones with simple questions - like this one for starters. I don't have a lot of space nor special furniture so I am stacking my separates one on top of the other - probably not kosher, however, that's what I've got. I've always put the amp on the bottom because it is the heaviest but recently as I have been reading about isolation I have been thinking perhaps the cdp is best on the bottom with something like superspikes and then the weight of other separates on top helping to anchor it. What is the done thing?

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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Welcome to diyAudio :)

I think the order to stack depends on several factors tbh. I always put the amp at the bottom (but mine are cool running designs and so there are no heat worries. Isolation... well without wishing to start a war D: my belief is that its really more applicable to turntables and so on. For digital sources and CD its a non issue.