sunken 2SA1216/2SC2922


2005-02-11 1:25 pm
Re: tried new things on symasim5_3 amp

space2000 said:
hi, today i tried on sysasim 5_3 amp using power transistor 2SA1216 and 2SC2922 it works but only gets too hot. do you think i can use this transistor on symasim amp? what else need to chnage?
thank you.

Did you check and adjust idle currnt after changing the transistors? Did you sheck if there is any oscillation in the output?


2008-03-08 2:11 pm
tried new things on symasim5_3 amp

hi ilimzn, thank you. here is the sysasim design and i made change on only power transistor with 2sc2922 and 2sa1216. i dont know is there need to change resistor too. need help.


these Transistor-pair was quite popular in a number of so called HighEnd amps in the late 80s early 90s.
Burmester used them (think it was the 911 or earlier model), Cambridge used them in their A3i, Accuphase used similar Sanken Ring-Emitter-types (LAPT) already in their M100 up till today and Parasound used also similar LAPTs (SA1295-/SC3264, HCA3500, SA1294/SC3263, HCA2200).
Those are still some of the finest and powerful output transistors and the SA1216/SC2922 are astonishingly cheap -though the very cheap ones could well be by ISC (Inchange Semicon).
Schematics using the SA1216/SC2922:
The schematic in #8 is similar to the Elektor 200W amp.
My Pro-2 EA1000 amp uses them.



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