Sundown SAZ3500 -DC on output

Is there a 6.8k resistor feeding pin 10? If so, is the DC voltage on the driver board side of that resistor greater than the voltage (farther from 0v) on the other side of that resistor.

Yes it ties to a 6.8K resistor. The voltage on the driver side seems more stable, if that makes any sense. If I try to apply a full 12VDC to B+ the amp starts to draw excessive current. I only have one output fet per bank populated.

I removed the output fets and now unable to reproduce the negative voltage on that pin.
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Back to the original question, voltage on the 6.8K. Reads 0.00 towards the driver board and .25Vdc on the opposite end.

I swapped the driver board with another amp I have here. With protection disabled I see the lower part of the sine clip before the upper. I also noticed U16 (TL072) pin1 has the signal riding on +5Vdc.

The +-15V supplies read +15.06 and -14.67V.