suitable woofer for TL

Hello All,
I'm seeking advice on a TL woofer for a hybrid esl.
The esl panel will be 12" x 48" with edge baffles making it 18-20" width. Now, Sanders' book leads me to believe I will need to crossover around 500hz; which would require a woofer with really good upper end.
An 8" is the typical choice, I suppose, but I'm wanting a bit more punch so I'm looking for a suitable 10 incher.

I'm considering an Aurum Cantus AC-250F1 10" woofer in a minimal volume TL enclosure. The X-over will be 24db slope and the Cantus is good to 3000hz so that should work but the Cantus' Qts is only .33 and I don't know if that's a good match for a TL.

Also, a 10 incher in a TL would be a huge big box if built to ideal volume but Sanders' book suggests that line cross section relative to driver piston area can be as small as 100% behind the driver, tapering to a 70% terminus and still sound good.

Everyone please feel free to advise me on the woofer choice and a minimal TL volume.