Suitable midrange cone, for bandpass mid in Unity horn.


2010-02-10 10:18 pm
In reply to Kipman, post 2460:
You're right. That remains to be seen. So far, the whole shabam its just a "paper tiger".
But its great fun, is'nt it ?
Another good question would be: Where will the wired-out-of-phase (notch) frequency be ?
I dont know about 17,2 Khz, or how you get to that figure, but the Hornresp sim. shows a top dip at 5Khz for L=25mm (see post 2446 above), and 4,2Khz using L=30mm. So there is a showstopper at large, overruling the 1/4 wave thing you mention.
ID 12 to 14mm ports should be "acoustically invisible", being only a fraction of the shortest wavelength
When I get those Peerless TC5FC07-04 I think I will start out doing the Vtc studies, as for Rashorn1, to see what we can expect for a top resonance.
This time concentric only, since the main reason for using such small drivers is the possibility of controlling the very top.