suggestions pls.

I've built a 3 way speakers with the following:
Tw: AC G2 si
Mid: css wr125s
Bass : Hi Vi m8 a
Mid and tw standing in an 8 liter sealed enclosure, while the bass in a 28 liters BR tuned roughly at 35 hz.
Up todate i used them with a tri amped setup and electronic Xover ( yes it's the Behringer...) but being not really happy with the performance of the latter, and being my electric bill dangerously high ( Class a amps) i decided to develop a passive xover, or at least a passive section for the mid- high and i could try to use another ab class amp for the low section.
Therefore, i would like an advise on how to develop the delicate passive xover at least for the mid-tw section, being this the most critical for my tastes.
To better explain, i hope that out there somebody made experiece with these drivers, and probably could give me an address on what to do and what don't.


I have a similar setup and plan to go from tri-amping with the DCX2496 to bi-amping with a fixed active crossover. I'm still playing around with different enclosures as mine is a dipole.

To develop the crossover, I'm planning to follow the Speaker Workshop Manual and build a wallin jig to develop the mid-tweet passive crossover. You may want to consider doing that as well. I'll then replace the behringer with a standard active crossover.