Suggestions on drivers for Pioneer CS-77 boxes

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I have just about completed my first DIY project and am looking ahead to my second project. I have removed the original drivers and have removed the baffles. My initial thoughts are to turn them into 2 ways using Dayton RS225- 8" woofers and either Fountek FR89ex 3" full range or Tymphany XT25BG60 tweeters. I have a budget for drivers of $200 or there abouts. These speakers will be used mostly in a 2 channel HT setting for viewing music concerts. Listening levels will be moderate (nothing blaring loud). I have learned on this forum that speaker building is full of compromises. But, my question is which is the lesser evils without breaking the bank? Also, it does not have to be on audiophile level, just a very clean and nice sounding design.
I very interested in hearing thoughts and ides from the group. Hopefully, I have included enough information to get the discussion rolling.

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2013-05-10 4:11 pm
What about a 3-way? The 4" peerless woofers are really very nice, and are a great combination with the XT25 (BG or TG). Then you could stay true to the 3-way spirit of the original box with a 10 or 12" woofer.

Done right, you'll get a livelier midrange, with more dynamic range thanks to not pushing the tweeter down as far. You could cross the peerless woofer over around 3-5kHz easily to the tweeter, and around 125 to 250Hz to the woofer.


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Thanks Very Much Guys,
Those are both very good suggestions. I thought about staying with a 3 way design but the box seems rather small for 10 or 12" woofer. I am certainly open to revisiting that idea again. It seems to me that Pioneer crammed a lot of speakers in a small area. Just my opinion. Would the biggest draw back to the 8" woofer in a 2 way be 'beaming' issues? It looks like the Dayton RS225-8" woofer rolls off naturally around 2k hz. and the Vifa Xt25BG could go that low. I know Troels built few 8+1 builds a one combo he liked somewhat.

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Hi Dave,
I had that in mind somewhat with the Fountek FR89ex 3" full range. Would you use the Dayton RS225- 8" for bass? Also, is the Fountek above a good choice for this application? Madisound has it on sale currently $34.00. It seems to be reasonably well thought of. Fyi, my box volume will be around 39 liters. I could dedicate 1 to 2 liters for full range and the remainder for woofer. Or, would you use the entire box for full range driver with separate sub woofer enclosure? Very much appreciate any thoughts you might have!
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I'd run a 4" tube from inside the front baffle all the way out the back stuffed as an aperiodic midTL. With the right consideration with the baffle you could try all manner of 3" drivers. The 1st sim i turned up for the Dayton is 35 litre so that would work.

I haven't heard the FR89 but went thru a lot of FR88. They are an OK driver, not up to the level of FF85wk or Alpair 5.2, but those are a bit pricier.

Is there anywhere to direct me that shows the aperiodic midTL?

The goal is to absorb all of the backwave within the midTweeter's bandwidth.

The physical configuration is not overly critical. Lightly damp behind the driver with density increasing as you move towards the terminus.

In an impedance curve look for the suppression of the impedance humps. Or use GM's click-test.