Suggestions on a cabinet for Faital Pro 15PR400


2007-06-27 4:16 pm
Im considering using the Faital Pro 15PR400 in a high effeciency 2 or 3way system. Need to use the Faital up to around 1kHZ (plus or minus a couple hundred) depending on the horn/waveguide I end up with.

Would like to get some suggestions on interesting designs.

Multi-subs will be used but low end extension is a definte plus.

Large or tall. Huge or small . I ain't scared...

Anyone ?


I've been looking at the same driver, similar situation really. I know you said "Multi-subs will be used but low end extension is a definte plus." , but it seems like with multiple subs then a small sealed enclosure would be the way to go. In a 2 cubic foot enclosure the excursion is well enough controlled to not need any kind of high pass.
-3db @ 75Hz
-6db @ 58Hz

should be fairly easy to cross a sub over to...

Having said that I'm interested in seeing what other people suggest. The Faital Pro 15PR400, looks to be a really nice driver. Low le, low mms, reasonably clean rolloff if the published graphs can be trusted.
Why would you want to use a driver this large up to 1KHz? You will need directivity controlled midrange, probably a horn, for a proper directivity match between the drivers if crossing over this high..

Edit: I should learn how to read first, because I now see on looking at your original post that this is exactly the plan. I like the Faital 3FE20 very much as a small mid range, so I have good experiences with their drivers. For an enclosure, high efficiency and small size don't go together. My guestimate is that a 200 L bass reflex will obviate any need for sub woofers.
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