suggestions for a studio monitor amplifier.

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a solid state amplifier schematic for a high quality studio monitoring setup. My requirements are low phase and inter modulation distortion,high damping factor and excellent frequency and phase response. I need about 50 watts rms. In a nutshell, I'm looking for a very neutral/accurate amplifier and by budget is flexible.

I have designed and built quite a few tube amps but when it comes to chips and PCB's im a total noobie. The monitors are going to be a three way d'appolito styled mid fields and I will be tri amping it with an active crossover. I would greatly appreciate suggestions for schematics as well as how to implement it with a PCB. Many thanks in advance.
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Most monitors use some form of chipamp - but that's on another board. Schematics for those are pretty easily available on the board itself, with a number of options and in some cases, it's easy to pick up PCBs from other members/kit sources such as Peter, Brian etc.

On the discrete front there are the AKSA kits from Hugh (but those are kits, no schematics available), the Studio series which uses older semis, the newer Symasym, the Rod Elliot PA03 series and variations - and a bunch of others. Read up about them and you can make a decision.

If you have the luxury of full biamping like a real set of active monitors, I would use multiple chipamps, maybe in bridge/parallel to increase power. I have a similar setup driving my Dynaudio BM6 passive monitors. I suspect in super-quiet environments you may need a better system, but I mix at home so it works for me.
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Let me start by pointing out, that LYNX project from the beginning in 2002 had only one goal!
To create a rock-solid and powerful sonic Power Amplifier like those used in studio's.........
So if you are fond of the deceased mighty and "muscular" power amps from Phase Linear, SAE, GAS, Dynaco
and similar ones, and if you like listening to live recorded LP's and CD's, you may be intrigued by this project
as the result is very close to those.

Components shown in the schematics are only suggestions. The circuit has shown good characteristics and
produced good and clear sound when build with very low cost components. So with this circuit you have the
possibility to either build a low cost dynamic Power Amplifier or a Studio Class Power Amplifier.

that's what i get in the homepage;)

this is the homepage
I don't think the consensus is suggesting that you need 250W to 300W for your 90db/W/m speakers.
I would aim for 100W to 150W for the levels I listen at and still ensure 20db headroom for the occasional transient peaks.
You may find that as little as 50W will satisfy 95% of your listening needs.
You have to decide if you need 3db more or 7db more.
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