Suggest some amps to test

A friend recently got a 300A 12V power supply and Audio Precision for some work he's going to do.

He also is curious to test some car amps, maybe write some articles for one of the online magazines.

His first target is a JL XD, to see if the "rollback" feature compromises continuous output power.

What would you suggest as good brands/models to test?
I would love to somehow be involved in this,An intresting Amp woul be the
U.S.AMPS 100HCA .Or you could test some of the Amps some of the GUYS on here are making themselves.
INTRESTING stay in touch

Homemade amps...tough. Not of general interest in a driving-website-circulation I suspect his editor would say. But if they were unusual in some way, it might be possible. I'll tell my buddy to troll through this site and see what people are designing.

Maybe if an amp was water-cooled and had fish swimming through...


2007-11-08 2:14 am
I would like to see tests of new class D and H full range. The JLs, Infinity Kappa, Pioneer PRS amps, etc. Also the mini amps like the zed built Elf/Arc, any other newer design physically small amps and particularly the non class AB ones. Sorry those ones don't have water cooled fish in them:), but I look for them to grow in market share. The Zed Leviathan would be another one.