Successor for Bulgin Power Connector wanted - used in Linn LK2-80/Spark

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For the female cable connector CN106 ("CN-106") and the male panel plug connector (also used in weller soldering station) - both 3-pole - there are only NOS suppliers to find.

The NOS suppliers are follow:

1) Panel Plug Linn LK2-80, Bulgin CN-101 (CN101)

Bulgin 3 Pole/Pin Mini Panel Socket - Electronic Components UK
Bulgin 3 Pole Pin Mini Panel Socket CN101 | eBay
Bulgin 3-Pin Panel Plug Power Connector (Socket for Weller Soldering Station) | eBay
2 BULGIN 3 way Plugs and 2 Panel Sockets, 50 volts maximum | eBay

2) Cable connector Linn Spark, Bulgin CN-106 (CN106)

Bulgin 3 Pole/Pin Mini Free Socket 250v - Electronic Components UK
Bulgin 3 Polig Pin Mini Stecker 250V AC 3A CN106 | eBay

Unfortunately under
Bulgin : First Class Connectors
I don't find successor versions of the mentioned old models.
Who know this? Thank you for this information.
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The nearest equivalent would be a XLR Mains, but they fail regulations, stating "not suitable for mains connections to equipment for domestic use as defined in the Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1989 ". NEUTRIK XLR TYPE AC MAINS POWER CONNECTORS - Canford.

It seems contradictory to be selling them.

An IEC connector would satisfy all your requirements, but may need chassis modification
to fit the male fitting. The variety pictured with a fuse is ideal.

If an IEC cannot fit,ie too much chassis modification, then next best I think is to house
the transformer in a separate chassis with an IEC and fuse, and extend secondary AC wiring, to your
original chassis through a cable gland. Ideally having equivalent size to the original Bulgins mains fitting.
One more box, but original chassis does not have to change too much. Using a schematic you should be able
to identify what secondary AC wiring would need to use the cable gland. You would then need to
interface that wiring exactly as the original secondary wiring did

Cheers / Chris


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.