Successful Projector

Just played Tekken and watched 3 hours of Colombo. It was great. Unfortunately my light just blew. 65 watters here I come! Anyway I had a working projector and I loved it.

All you newbies pay attention it can be done. It only took me two weeks from first stumbling on the 100inch TV idea to building a working LCD Projector of my own.

Here is how simple it is to get started. Of course perfecting it is a never ending quest.

Paul Billett - The Nephilum


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Makes it sound to simple doesn't it? All my friends are amazed when I tell them what I've built but as I begin to explain the details they say something like "oh yeah, hmm, that makes sense, not to hard" I feel like yelling "I don't see you guys building anything!" But I'm content when I realize I'm the one watching an 80 inch TV and they have to go home to their tiny 25 inch.

I'm searching for a new light source. As soon as I do I'll show you all some screen shots.

Paul Billett - The Nephilum
PS Please excuse my spleeling mistakes in the diagram... can't expect to much at midnight.