Subwoofer with TB W5-1685


2010-11-26 2:38 pm
Dear all,

after building a pair of Lancetta's I am looking for a small sub to support them.

The idea is to build two small subwoofers with the Tangband W5-1685: click Is it possible? Or should I go for the W6-1139SG or W8-740 which are actually designed for subwoofer use?

First results with WINISD:
Vented box, volume~21 liters, tuning frequency~43 Hz, though I'm having some troubles with the group delay, which is too high.

Any suggestions?

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2009-02-28 4:09 pm
I have no experience with the w-5, but yes I would seek a driver intended for sub duty. I built some tapped horns with the 1139 that perform well. I've also been tinkering in winisd with the 740, as I bought 2 for cheap on cyber monday. Sims are promising- 0.75ft3 sealed, factoring in 6db boost @ 30hz and a lowpass @ 80. I tried simulating ported but the driver specs call for such a long port it wouldn't be possible to fit a port in a modest sized cab.
Here's the sealed response.....


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2010-11-26 2:38 pm
Decided to use a Tangband W69-1042 with following results:

Volume = 28,00 liters
f3 ~ 40 Hz

port length = 20.00 cm
port diameter = 6.8

both WinISD and the calculator from gave the same results.


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