Subwoofer with 206esr


I am a happy owner of a S.E.X. from Bottlehead (single ended, about 4 watts per channel) hooked to a nice pair of Fostex 206 esr.

I want to upgrade this however; I had a friend come over with a subwoofer, and we experimented over 5 hours with various music. Clearly, I could get some deeper bass.

My music styles are varied, and I do have a weakness for 50's and 60's recordings, or acoustic instruments.

So I am looking for 3 tube monoblocks: 2 for each 206esr, and one for a subwoofer (maybe some dynakits?). I am thinking of the Table Tuba of Bill Fitzmaurice, and some very efficient driver.

Any comments,? Suggestions?

By the way, I am into DIY, so the monoblocks and the subwoofer, I will do myself. I am "intermediate" so I am looking for some challenge, as well as your suggestions.

Looking forward for your advice,


therefore the 2 x ALPHORN beside your horns would
be useful, aktiv cut ~ 60 Hz


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2006-01-07 12:40 pm
I went the same route as you may go. I started with a Fostex 208EZ on an open baffle. Then, dissatisfied with the non existent bass, i added a sub and the sound improved alot. Then i figured, a tweeter could also help. After this, i realized, that a well implemented 3 or 4 way system is the way to go for great sound, which is what i use now, the Fostex sold well on ebay :)

For great subs, look into tapped horns, as they are very efficient and small compared to a fullsized horn (but still bigger as the extremely compromised horns of the poster above). Volvotreter has made a nice and small design, maybe look at his homepage for more information.