Subwoofer Subscoop 15

Hi. Someone of you is familiar with subscope - subscoop cabinets? I'm planning to build 2 15" for outdoor rave style parties, and i like the fact that they are tiny, so i can transport them in my car. What is the best of all? Have you a build plan maybe? Thank you
What scoop design are you looking at that can fit in a car?
As a general rule for subwoofers you can only get 2 of these 3 characteristics (loud, low, small) in any given design. The mini scoop designes out there generally don't go very low... barely qualify as subwoofers even by pro audio standards, but there are hybrid/manifold designs that do better such as the Cubo sub.
The Cubo 15 is larger, so louder than the Tham 15.
Both roll off below around 50Hz, 45Hz being about the bottom limit that won't just waste power as heat.
EDM and techno music often have plenty of content down at 25Hz (or lower), so you can miss an octave of bass using either.
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