Subwoofer enclosure made from plant pot.


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2005-03-11 12:03 pm
Beta Zeticuly
Plant pots actually work well if you're prepared to do a little extra work. Take two plastic sealed plant pots of which one fits inside the other with just about 1/2" (or more) all around to spare. Make a jig that suspends the smaller pot inside the larger one so that it sits flat and level and has equal spacing all around. Now poor concrete into the gap between the pots and let it set. Cut a circle the size of the outer pot from 1" MDF and cut out the hole for the woofer and, if applicable, the bassreflex port and connectors and mount it to the pot. Paint the outer pot in your color or choice, fill the inner pot with damping, mount the woofer and you're ready to rumble.

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Sander Sassen