Subwoofer Contest

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Which is the subwoofer u prefer?

M&K MX5000

Velodyne HGS15

Paradigm Servo 15

Audio Concepts Titan subwoofer

Osborn Monumental subwoofer using famous focal audiom driver

Famous Bob Carver True Signature subwoofer

The ultimate Krell master reference subwoofer

Aerial acoustics subwoofer

Von Schweikert ultimate VR-10 subwoofers (Not the main speakers but the subwoofers with 2 huge 18" drivers)

For those of you who know thomas's AS-15

Thomas's as-15 subwoofer

How would the high-end subwoofers mentioned above compare with the as-15?

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Let's get something straight....

This thread has the potential to become a tar baby, and a p*ssing contest. So let's start by clearing the air.

The AS-15 project was never intended to be the Holy Grail of subwoofers. It came about because I purchased HE-15's with the intent of building 2 high quality portable subs for use in a vacation home. Given all the very positive internet 'buzz', and the initial testing from Tom Nousaine; I thought a pair of 'Stryke cubes' would be the best design available for my purpose. However, I was wrong.

After building and testing one of the cubes, I was unimpressed with the level of detail of the lower bass region, and the overall transient response. The AS-15 design was developed to take advantage of the good qualities of the HE-15, without the problems associated with the extremely heavy PR's, combined with a cabinet that IMO is too small. To that end, the AS-15 design is a complete success.

People auditioning it have provided very positive feedback regarding the sound quality and quantity. Several have been astounded that a single 15" driver in a relatively small box can perform so well.

However it's certainly possible to design and build subs that could and would eclipse the performance of the design. But they wouldn't be as small or as cost effective as the AS-15 built with either the HE-15 or BPD-1503 driver.
cost effectiveness

As far as I'm concerned, the best subwoofer is also the best "bang for buck" ratio. My perspective is a little different, as paying out 10 grand a year for school leaves my pocket fairly empty.

For me, multiple hundred-dollar drivers are out of the question. I also doubt I can possibly use that sort of performance. With adequate amplification many of these designs could do signifigant damage to hearing in-room, without surpassing the linear excursion range.

Personally, I think the Adire Audio Tempest is about the best value, that also has impressive power. It's loud, relatively efficient and is capable of high volume at low frequencies within it's xmax. And it goes for $140.

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