subwoofer buildup

i want to build my own subwoofer and i dont really know where to start. First time in this adventure.

i picked up a Sony STR-DE697 Dolby Digital Receiver. I have 110w x 7 channels.

I have been looking at the peerless 10" xls with radiator and wondering which amp to go with. I was planning on copying this setup, but not sure if it would be good for my receiver
First get a general idea about subs, here is a good place to start:

Then mention some of your goals - what you want to use it for, music/ht, and things like how big, how much $ etc

Then get familiar with some drivers - Peerless XLS, Adire Shiva, Atlas, AE speakers, Titanic are all good candidates

Then we can help you more. You might also search the forum for posts like yours