Subwoofer amp

Hey comrades,

A few friends and I are building a sound system for small indoor events (genres will vary around dance music, lots of low end).
Just about too pick up some 4x c18-650el. And 2x mr2650 amplifiers.

Will probably build a g sub and a usb horn kick bin.

Obviously it isn’t ideal to run these speakers off these amps but we want this to be scaleable, so will will obviously move the amps to midrange as soon as we have enough money to buy some beefier amps but will it be fine if I really watch my levels.

We also have a really old studio master ax2500, c audio gb602 and a proel pl1300. Will the pl1300 run better on the low end at high enough power to drive the subs or will it cook my breakfast?
Some thoughts:

The mr2650 amps are a reasonable match to the P-Audio 18"s. Those 18"s are quite short on Xmax, so a good 600w per driver will probably get them past Xmax in an enclosure that gets you enough LF extension.

What else do you have in your system?
Where would you like to take it?
Do you have any measurement gear?

I'm thinking that in the long run ill stick the drivers in kick bins but for now probably some double 18 bins. Maybe high pass them at 38hz so as not to shoot a hot copper coil across the room.

We're running 2 peavey ul15s for mid and high frquencies, probably powered by the pl1300 amp

all gonna be managed by a dbx driverack (probably a PA2)

planning to use it for dnb/tekno parties as well as doing various jobs for activists (although for activism, we'll usually be using our little 12v bike rig)

Thanks for the speedy response :)