Subs for 71 Blazer


2007-12-11 7:46 am
I am putting together a system for my restored 71 Blazer.
So far I have purchased:
HU - Pioneer DEHP6900UB
Amp - ArcAmp KS900.6

I am now thinking of using ARC Audio ARC6000 component speakers for the front and also have a pair of JL Audio TR525-CX (5.25") speakers that I want to use for fill in the rear. I am not sure about the JL's though.

The major question is the subs. I want to locate these under the rear bench seat.
I only have about 5" of space between the floor and bottom of cushion.
I there a good 10" compact sub that I can make fit here and work.
Should it fire up?


2007-04-11 9:42 pm
there are slim subs available from kicker, pioneer, calrion to name a few that would fit under there. i would consider a sealed downfiring box. the outside ends of the box and maybe the back side wall would extend down further than the speaker mounting baffle to give the subs room for exursion and to vent the bass towards the front. you would just need to have some dynamat under the box to tighten up the sound and stop rattles.