Subkick clone, a circuitry question

So yeah, first post I think :eek:

I've build a mic out of a 2.5" speaker to use as an auxiliary microphone (for the extra lows), I've used an old full-range from peerless I had lying around and build a dumped case out of carbon fiber to house the speaker, wires and an XLR connector.

Used it to record some test sounds VIA my pc's sound card, got the 35-450Hz spectrum pretty flat, at about +/-2db, now i want to use it with a preamp attached to it (for mixers and such) and i got two options, the first, use an opamp based amp. second use an NPN based one, so i sat down and draw some schematics and tried to run a simulations to figure out what will yield the best results which turned out to be rather a difficult task.

So, can anyone with a bit more understanding in circuitry then me or even a better simulation software, help me?

Thanks in advance,



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