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Sub woofer plate amps!

I have two plate amps available:

#1. Is New and not available to the general public. It is only available to speaker manufacturers. You can check out the specs at:speakerpower.net
the model is sp2-1000-1000, it is a biamp module (1000w x2). Balanced input only. Features ICEPOWER modules. Inlcudes power cord (Neutrick) and pigtail to hook up drivers. You will need a low pass filter upstream.

It is new: $500.
Switchable between 110/220V

#2. BK electronics- check out the specs and manual at:
It is used but in great cosmetic and functions perfectly.
500W in 4 ohms. Retails for $500 asking $300OBO.

Send me a PM if interested.



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