Sub lighting?

While waiting for my driver to be repaired I was looking in an electronics magazine and noticed some neon lights, particularly the blue colour. This got me thinking, a sub would look great if it had a blue glow coming out from underneath the enclosure. I normally listen to music with lights on and I'm also the resident soundman of my group of friends so my system is used at a lot of parties so it won't be wasted if I have the lights turned off during a movie. I did a thread search and had troubles finding anything on this subject so the first idea that gives me is it shouldn't be done. Will the vibrations or output from the sub damage the neon lights? It'd be great to hear from anyone thats attempted this before.

I just took a look in the local electronics store (Jaycar) and looked at some 10cm CCFL's, 30cm will probably be too long to fit on the base. The 10cm ones looked bright enough to properly light the sub, thanks for clearing up the vibrations part because that was the only problem I could see with doing this.