Sub for NTE128P for ZTX450 Aleph 30


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2005-01-09 2:32 am
Quick question - would it be advisable to sub a NTE128P for a ZTX450? Looks like meets/exceeds ZTX450, but EBC instead of CBE...

Vcbo - 100v
Vceo 80V
Vebo 5V
Ic 1A
Pd 850mW
hfe 100 min
ft 50MHz Min

I have a few of the NTE128P left over, otherwise I would just buy the ZTX450...

One story of many:
Once upon a time there was a parts store here in town that I would stop by on the way into work. They were more expensive than Mouser or Digikey, but I could pick up parts and try them that night or the next day instead of having to wait a week for things to come in.
Back when I was building my main tube amps, I pulled together a high voltage regulator. Did the PCB artwork and did a run of six or eight boards so I could regulate the various things in the amp. The prototype worked well enough--with an NTE part I'd bought downtown as the pass device--so I decided to grab a few more and keep all the regulators the same.
I'll keep it short by omitting all the intermediate steps as I tracked down the problem, but the upshot was that roughly two-thirds of the "same" NTE parts oscillated--the remaining one-third sat there calmly doing their job. I had lucked upon one of the non-oscillating parts for the prototype, but duplicating those results was just about impossible.
I have very little good to say about NTE.