Sub filter (Bass is course)


2012-01-25 12:57 pm

I have bought this subwoofer filter using 3 of NE5532. Bass is too hard and heavy hitting to listen in home use (18-200hz cut off).

It propers for festival outside house (PA).

Can anyone suggest how to modify this to get more soft bass. I plan to change 3 opamp to OPA2604AP to decrease hard hitting bass.

I like soft tight bass.

If I would like to get filter about (35-200hz) which value of capacitor and resistors I have to replace.

Please see the components in attachment.


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Without a schematic it will be tough to tell you what to alter. There is little information in the links you provided. More detail if you can provide it please.

Is it Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley in response, or something different? Is it a shelving filter meant for a low volume sealed box?

If all you want to alter is the LF cut-off point then altering the input filter should suffice, though I can't say you will get what you are after.
Opamps work right down to and including DC, so I can not imagine rolling the opamp will do anything, but of course you can try.

The NE5532 in this application should be fine, though I usually choose a FET input device for filter applications. Before going too crazy just drop in a TL072 and see if switching from a bipolar input to a JFET input changes anything.