sub box construction

Am i the only person with a stroker pro 15? I cant find much of nothing when it comes to what others are doing with this $1400 sub. I have it in a ported bot that is about four ft. with two ports four inches wide sixteen inches long. its in the back of an extended cab silverado and it takes the place of the back seat. the box stretches from one side of the truck to the other and the center is about ten inches taller kind of like a center console with the sub front firing at the front center console. it is hard to figure out the volume because the box has many angles. The bass is verry deep and powerful but distortion starts a lot sooner than i think is should. it wont get as loud as i think and im not getting anywhere close to the 40mm of x-max that is claimed.the sound pressure makes ears hurt but the loudness is weak.its powered by a lanzar mxa282 wires at 1650 watts x 2 rms at 2 ohms. any suggestions or tricks would be greatly appreciated!:)
youre just tickling those subs with that power, which more than likely isnt the full expect maybe around 1600 watts total (800 x 2) from that amp if your lucky.

if your ports are round tubes, you dont have enough port need atleast 64 sqin (14 sqin per cuft) at around 18-22 inches long...

right now you have around 25sqin (if they are round tubes)

where are the ports located? have a pic of the box?

if you think your ears hurt now, there really going to hurt after you re-port ... :D

the white line is where you are now, the red line is where you will be...with a 40hz tuning.