Sub/Amp and Enclosure questions (Ty in advance!)


2010-11-10 3:27 am
Hello all, I recently purchased a pair of Pioneer 308D4's for my suburban as the third seat was removed and I have now quite a bit of room to play with. :devily:

Along with the 308D4 I purchased a 9105D amplifier at 900w and the subs are receiving 450w from the amp which is within their nominal rms range.

The 9105 is currently set to run 2ohm as the subs when dropped to 1ohm caused extreme clipping with the amp during high volume hard bass moments. I'm assuming that is where Kenwood points to it's Mono Drive option of hooking two together for more than 900w as 2ohm gives me 900w. My gain is currently set to zero.

Am I correct in thinking from a power standpoint the subs are at max power save for tweaking the gain?

If this history helps, I am coming from three pioneer 305DVC's on a Matts 100HC dropped to .66ohms for about 1200w. Am I just feeling the effects of going from 3 subs at nominal power (400x3=1200) to only two? :confused:

I'm also suspecting the extreme space of the suburban could be causing the lack of "power" in my experience with bass. Going from a Ford Explorer to a Chevy Suburban is a drastic change of cubic feet! :eek:

So aside from above which if I could get your ideas on I'm turning now to thinking about enclosure sizes and if that might help. I'm currently running a hatchback box, sealed. Would a conventional square/rectangle box benefit my subs?

Custom is always an option but I'm unsure of what specifications I'd need for my subs.

Sorry for all of the questions! I'm just curious how to get the most bang and boom out of my subwoofer/amp setup. Thank you again!!!