Stupid question about DBX noise reduction


Just found this forum and this is my first post here. Hopefully this isn't really a dumb question, but I don't know a lot about DBX.

Just purchased a great old Technics deck with DBX and wanted to use it for recording some of my gigs. Can I do this, and then output to my CD burner without some kind of encoding issue? In other words, I am assuming that as long as I play the DBX-encoded cassette back on the Technics deck, whatever I am outputting it to has no idea of the DBX at all, and the end result is a CD-R that can be played on any machine. Does this make sense?

Havoc said:
If you recorded with DBX, then you will have to play it back with DBX. Other than that your plan should work. Altough it escapes me why you would do it.

Haven't been very good at keeping up with this since I posted...thanks for the responses!

The reason I want to do this is to get an analogue recording with the best S/N ratio possible.



2002-02-06 9:16 pm
Just so you are prepared:

"The dbx system can provide up to 30dB noise reduction, but this is not achieved without a price. 'Pumping' and 'breathing' effects are not entirely eliminated, making it unsuitable for some kinds of programme material.... In addition, when handling stereo material, the two compansion channels cannot be linked...The result is that the stereo image can 'wander' according to programme content."

From "Sound Recording Practise" editor: John Borwick 4th ed