Stumped---Floppy Drive

I’m working on another floppy drive turntable motor. This one is the Jumbo 5.25 drive. I thought the motor would run on 5 volts like the 3.5 floppy. That didn’t work so I tried 12 volts, no go. If I use both voltages together it runs. Using two voltages really complicates a simple project.
I need a solution if there is one.
The disk spin motors are 3 phase brushless (blm) 360/300 rpm. The read/write motors are steppers. Hard to find disk motor projects, stepper motor projects are many.
Dual voltage is the working answer. 12V plus 5V makes it happy.
Beware of bad bearings in these motors. About half of my motors have bad bearings and are not usable (noise). My good motors run my TT fine. I’ve ordered some new bearings.
Thanks for the replies on the dual voltage question.