Stuffing Materials Options


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2011-02-26 2:12 am
Bozeman, MT
I know that MANY people recommend long fiber wool as the best stuffing to use.
But, what I don't see is if it is Sheep's wool, Llama wool or something else.

The reason I ask is simply because I live in an area that raises a lot of Alpaca's.
Many of these Alpaca ranchers will sell their wool products at local farmers markets and such.
Soooo....I have reasonable access to combed Alpaca wool with fiber lengths as long as 5" and fiber size as small as 18 microns.

Any Thoughts?
The Millionaire's stuffing !!!
Personally I would never ever fill a cabinet with any *animal* product, such as wool.
Sooner or later some funny insect will find it and feel very happy at all that food.
Moths are specially evil.
And .... how will it find it?
Very easy, that wool probably already has some eggs in it.
Same as stocking any grain in your pantry: rice, mealed corn, whatever.
In 1 year (sometimes as soon as 3 months) you'll start finding "spiderwebs" sticking to grain.

Best is fiberglass but I personally hate it because of known skin or lung problems, so my favorite stuffing is "acrylic wool", same as used to fill winter clothing and bed covers, some stuffed animals, etc.
Costs peanuts.
I am going to use some animal fibers in a transmission line sub I am building now . I work on a farm with sheep llamas and alpacas and i Have wool from all three i just need to clean it. The Transmission line is a 3 meter long 4 to 1 tapered line using an elemental designs 13av2 driver.I hope to finish in a couple of weeks. I have used polyfill in prevoius t-lines and sealed enclosures. sheeps wool is the standard in transmission lines since Bailey's line but I think llama and alpaca wool would work as well in that the wools are nominally similar.Ausperger' t-line modeling software shows a difference in response for wool vs polyfill or acoustastuff at the same density. In my new line I will be suffing lightly at 1/4 lb per cu ftor so. if your building a sealed box I dont think it matters much.