stuffing cotton balls in headphones?

would it make them sound better? because my headphones have a big space in them when i unattach the small headphone drivers where I know something should be.. some kind of sound cushion?
would cotton balls make them sound better if I filled them with cotton balls? like packed them in tightly? they sound airy.. and dry. should I try?

dry joint

2006-10-24 9:41 pm
The headphone forums have threads on modding the insides of specific headphones, for a price you can even get aftermarket replacement bodies for some popular models. Its very much of case of peronal taste of your ears with your equipment, I'd expect to get a lot of different 'in some ways better and in some way worse' type of results.
i simply put a flattened cotton ball in front of my ears and put my headphones on and the bass entirely drowns out the highs and mids all i hear is farting from my own ear drums themselves distorting from the immense bass lol
I put cotton balls in them and it sounds even more bassy and less muddy sounding.
It's like I can feel my entire body shaking from the bass on my headphones o-o wow