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Studio/Vintage Mic Tech/PSU manu-nearPhilly.


2012-10-21 2:25 am
Hey , Guys/ Gals,... My site is Magnetone-us.com and I restore vintage tube Mic systems/power supplies to Digital Ready Standard- either by re-working your original circuit , or by building a replacement Power Supply. My Voltage Regulators are Discreet hand built/co- designed by Dave Gerren of Cinemag Transformers and Werner Odier . I build and repair Tube Mic PreAmps and Modify
existing gear such as UM92.1s UM92s UM57 CMV563 Ela m250 Apex 460 Nady 1050 U47 U871 U87 etc. I can make your CE Standard German Microphone
sound Fantastic by eliminating inductor/capacitor circuits and useless capacitors
in signal path- which collectively, 'choke' the sound of your system. I replace silicon 3 pin regulators with hand- made 'can' transistor - based Discreet Systems which have no 'hash'. I can remove switching noise of ANY type from your systems- leaving only the Drama. Please Visit my site at Magnetone-us.com
Devon Haas:)