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Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine has asked me to build him some speakers for his studio. He does voice-overs and the audio side of TV and radio advertisements (commercials). He has a tiny studio, where he uses his computer most of the day adding digital effects, etc and background music. He has one micrphone for recording voices, and they have their own set of headphones.

At the moment, he simply has an (Akai?) stereo plugged into his computer for monitor speakers. Not particularly hi-fi. I didn't ask why he wants the speakers, but i suspect that the old Akai isn't giving him what he needs anymore.

He wants 2 powered, full range speakers. He's not too worried about the RMS. The whole studio is only about 15 metres cubed. What he wants is two small bookshelf, or wall mounted speakers, and he needs them cheap.

At first, i was thinking about just using two satellite-type speakers, but i am having a hard time getting a proper low-end response. To get a good response down to about 32Hz, i will probably need 8" woofers. So i am now thinking about making two satellite speakers with 5" woofers, and a subwoofer.

However, the price of the satellites is still frightening. I don't think i will be able to make them any cheaper than a set i saw at Parts Express. What i don't know is whether they will be of much higher sound quality than these prefabricated ones.

Here's the satellite speakers i'm talking about:

I have been looking mainly at Peerless drivers because of their quality at reasonable prices. The woofers i am looking at are the CSX 176 H ( ), and the WR 130 5" driver ( ). I am looking at the DT 100 dome tweeter to go with the WR130. I'm not sure about the subwoofer yet.

What do you think?
more info

I have some more information on what my friend wants.

He's mostly interested in linearity (which i suppose is linked to fidelity). What's more, he's spotted some second hand (Samsung?) speakers that he likes for $170 Australian (about US$70.00). Is there any way i could make a reasonable set for this price? Also, does anyone know the quality of Samsung speakers? Are they something to steer clear of?
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