Studio Monitors


2005-04-24 11:55 pm
Those Yorkville are not very good. Bloated Mid and captain crunch tweets. The KRK i have are not much better but completely livable compared to those. Move up to the KrK V8 or V6 and the Yorkville will sound like a grade 10 science project in comparison.

Thats a KrK base model rokit 8 active studio monitor in my sig photo to the left.

I bought mine at L&M in Toronto. I didn't like the KRK good bass though. I usually filter my desk speakers above 60Hz. I wanted to buy Behringer Truth All the staff said "Yorkvilles are great"
I know that Long and Mcquade is Pretty tight with yorkville so I checked elsewhere and many pros swear by the yorkvilles. I had to open them to re-route a rattling cable and couldn't believe the cheap $10 Radio Shack drivers. I know that Cast frames and Kevlar isn't everything but at least with the Behringer I can have attractive looking junk. I am thinking about putting Morel Tweeters and Silver flute Woofers in these. The Boys at Solen in Montreal picked them out for me so thet'll be a good match.