Studio Moniter design

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I would like to hear all of your thoughts on producing some really high quality bookshelf speakers/studio moniters. Things like driver selection, X/O points, the stuff for the internal dampening, id like to hear it all.

8 ohm
50Hz - 20000Khz
drivers = vifa, scanspeak, audax, seas, focal
Price limit - $500 AUD total, can be stretched if needed
MDF and possibly an aluminium sheeting exterior.

What drivers do u recommend? its a two-way obviously

Thanks for any help
Hi Griff,

A really high quality monitor for $A500 is a big ask, but not impossible. There is a pro speaker available called the <a href="">PMC FB1</a>, which you should consider as an inspiration (don't want to say clone it :) )

It uses the Vifa P17 mid-bass and D25 tweet, both available from Mass or Jaycar. I read the part numbers in a review I've since misplaced. All you need to do is design a transmission line for them, and a crossover. Neither are trivial tasks, but at least you can know affordable drivers can produce more-than-acceptable results. HiFi News and hifi+ have both reviewed them well, and they have good deep bass.

Catalogue prices for Jaycar are around $A340 for the drivers alone, and can sometimes be had on special, or $A260ish +shipping from Mass. I've heard a "version" of the Jaycar JV60(?) kit with a redesigned, ie braced and very heavy cabinet and decent crossover components, and it surprised me pleasantly with it's quality.

If you are interested in the TL FB-1 take a squizz at <a href="">Jon Risch's TL guidelines</a>. It has been a long time since I built a TL, but these make sense to me.

Something a bit left field is the Afterburner by Thorsten Loesch. Check his <a href="">site</a>, and scroll down to the Afterburner link. The widerange drivers are about $A120 ea from Not really a "studio monitor" but they tend to cost a lot. I have just returned from the Entech trade show in Sydney, and some serious numbers were thrown around for anything at all monitor like.

Or you could hunt up some vintage Goodmans and there are lots of really excellent Pro drivers out there (bit more $$$ though unless preloved). The brands you have mentioned are only a small sample or what's available out there.

Good luck
hey griff,

good news, this month, the Vifa D25AG and P17WJ are on special at Jaycar, the total driver prices are $256 :)

and their JV60 Kit is also on special this month too... the speaker kit (without the boxes) are $499, they include the crossovers, ports, drivers... well everything except the box... This is good value in my eyes... it is a $70 saving over the normal cost...
this is the one I used

if you want to use just one midbass(P17WJ) and one tweeter(D25AG) for the design, this is the crossover I used...

it is a simple design.... but I havent had any complaints...

all the risistors are 10W


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Hi Griff,

I have built a pair of floor standing t-line speakers using Vifa P17WJ08 and D27??35 drivers (can't remember the part number for the tweeter of the top of my head, but its a silk dome).

I am very happy with the results. If you are interested, seeing you and I are both in Melbourne, you could even see/hear them for your self.

The crossover I used was designed using Rod Elliott article on passive crossovers (, but I will eventualy move to bi-amping.

I am in Northcote.

I do have the plans for them somewhere... but I haven't be able to find them the last couple of times I looked.
I did design them myself, so most of the details are still in my head.

I do have some pictures of them, I can e-mail them to you.
PMC cloner needs help?


Im new to this so I apologise in advance for asking silly questions.

Im currently working on the cabinet dims for the FB1. I have the external dims which can be downloaded from the pmc website. Ive managed to cut and paste the 'cut away' image of the FB1 (showing the TL and damping) onto the drawing with the external dims. Now all I need to do is find out what thickness the panels are and I'll be able to work out the rest of the dims. (A freind is a CAD expert so he will help me here) Does anyone know the cabinet wall thickness? (below is an example based on the OB1)


Next question is of course on the xo. Ive been searching and searching for a schematic of some sort but nothing yet. Ideally I'd like the latest 'i' version but the '+' would suffice. Anyone here own FB1's or know the xo setup?

This leads to the final question: Drivers.

From what I can tell the midbass is either:

Vifa M17WG-09-08 or Vifa M17WH-09-08

The tweeter I believe is:

Vifa D27TG-45-06 for the '+' version.

For the 'i' version:

[The PMC website tells us the tweeter is a 27mm SONOLEX* unit (*which I've found out is a trademark of SEAS). The unit PMC use also has a rear chamber.]

Having looked at the SEAS website I've been able to narrow it down to this:

H0881-06 27TFFC.

(I know this may not be the right theread to ask these questions but I cant figure out how to begin a new one, I guessed this might be a good place to get some ideas though)

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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