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Stromberg Carlson ASR-333 EL84 PP amp


2007-03-02 8:04 pm
For sale is a decent PP EL84 amplifier from Stromberg Carlson .-model ASR-333. I worked on the amp a little and splurged on quality parts, Cree Shottky rectifiers, NOS vitamin Q output coupling caps, Cornell Dublier mylars, Elna Silmic bypasses, Vishay cathode resistors. It plays. The elaborate input tone controls shape the sound so if I were to keep the amp I'd probably bypass EQ section but it surely allow to turn as many knobs as one wish. Holes for extra phono stage tubes are there too if one feels ambitious.
The tubes are SC branded (US made )-6AV6, Made in Holland -(Amperex?) 6u8 and Electro harmonix EL84
Small signal tubes test excellent. To my dismay I learned that my touted TV7 is pretty much useless if it comes to testing EL84 tubes. They look well used but hold the ~12V bias. All and all the amp has maybe 3 hours on the new components.


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